Boxing, from Longueuil to the Olympics!

  • Pierre Scanzano, Instructor Level 3 FQBO
    • Recreational, amateur and professional trainer
    • More than 30 years of experience in teaching

Boxing classes for children 6 to 12 years old

Boxing classes for adults 13 years and up.

This course is open to everyone: men, women and children. At the Kixx Universel Tae Kwon Do school, we favour Olympic-style boxing, as sanctioned by the Fédération Québécoise de boxe olympique. This course provides excellent cardiovascular and muscular training, and boxing is also one of the best sports for relieving stress, tension and frustration.

Challenge your personal limits in one of our boxing courses. Whether you are interested in recreational training or a career in boxing, our mission is to increase awareness of this intense sport in a friendly, motivational and safe environment.

Discipline for your body and your mind

In our courses, we teach the full range of boxing techniques, including jumping rope, hitting the speed ball and punching bag, training gloves and much more. Boxing calls upon all of your physical and mental attributes, including strength of character, determination, self-confidence and courage. You will learn how to control the power of your punches, and to master your coordination and balance while executing high-speed movements and combinations.

The trainer instils a sense of ethical behaviour, discipline, a winning attitude and physical activity, which are beneficial to your body and mind. Boxing is the ideal training.

Description of what takes place during the class

We begin by warming up with the skipping rope, followed by jumping jacks and sprints. We continue with left and right fighting positions and movements in order to learn how to learn properly. Each boxing class is divided into 12 rounds:

  • 4 rounds of shadow boxing (imaginary combat)
  • 4 rounds of gloves (target), to learn how to hit the target
  • 4 rounds of cardio

You will learn many techniques during boxing courses, including jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, a variety of combinations and evasion techniques. The course is always different from one class to the next. In addition, if you are interested in competition, we have an 18’ x 18’ ring available, which is ideal for sparring, always under the supervision of an instructor.

We also have a locker room with a shower, and the training room is air conditioned in the summer. For more complete training, we also offer weightlifting (for those aged 16 years and older).

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